Innovative financial platform

  • Success-based financing of projects in professional sports
  • Processing via modern software solution
  • Can be fully integrated into existing IT architecture via an interface
  • Smart, digital, legally secure
Fanfolio Licht

Financial solutions for professional sports

Digital capital raising

  • Financing tool for professional sports institutions on a digital, individual marketplace
  • Possibility of issuing financing products at attractive conditions
  • Individual interest and term structure
  • Refinancing

Integrated project infrastructure

  • digital, individual financing market place for raising capital
  • Implementation of FanFolio software in the IT architecture of the professional sports institution
  • Individual adaptation and implementation of all required IT interfaces
  • Digital contract management
  • Automated and verified payment processing modalities

Funding Framework

In a time window of 12 calendar months each, an investment amount of up to EUR 6 million can be issued and taken up via FanFolio without the issuer being obliged to draw up a securities prospectus *.

If the investment volume or the amount to be raised exceeds EUR 6 million within 12 calendar months, the issuer can raise higher amounts by issuing an issue or securities prospectus via FanFolio.

The funds are raised through the issue of participatory subordinated loans (primary market).

Types of tradable financing products (secondary market **):

  • participatory subordinated loan
  • bonds
  • shares
*) §2a Abs. (1) VermAnlG
**) Selling through trading prices specified by the issuer or seller
Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen


FanFolio Vorteile

Close relation between fans and supporters

The FanFolio software solution enables fans and sponsors to invest in their club regardless of time and place, which increases the club's reach

Dependence of the return yield on the sporting success of the club and the associated financial relief of the club in difficult times

Clear management: "Cockpit solution" of the club's liquid funds to be acquired through a modern digital technical infrastructure

The software solution enables targeted marketing campaigns and is a suitable means of communication between the club, fans, sponsors, sponsors and investors

Exploitation of merchandising potential through events, e-commerce, admission tickets


In our team we combine know-how from sport, finance and information technology.

team member
Dr. Dr. Karl Langenstein
Managing Director

team member
Dr. Tim Langenstein
Managing Director

team member
Prof. Dr. Martin Užík
Managing Director

team member
Jochen A. Rotthaus
Senior Executive Advisory